way to procure freight

Portex makes freight procurement more efficient by eliminating emails, spreadsheets and pdfs, while instantly unlocking insights to lower freight spend.

Reduce quoting time by 90% and freight spend by 20%

Procure freight faster by standardizing and automating the process of requesting quotes, comparing rates, and booking freight.

Automate Your Workflow

Our plug-in and web app fit seamlessly into your workflow and create a hub for managing quotes efficiently. Request pricing, compare rates, view industry benchmarks, and book freight with just a few clicks.

Gain Data-Driven Insights

By digitizing the freight procurement process, we capture data and unlock insights through easy to view analytics. This allows powerful reporting for strategic freight management.

Reduce Freight Spend

We aggregate freight spend data by mode, lane, and provider alongside real-time freight rate benchmarks. Over time our insights can help reduce freight spend by up to 20%.

Don't take our word for it...

Portex makes my job so much easier. I'm no longer digging through emails and writing quotes down to compare. Everything I need is right there on the platform!
Portex gives us the tools and visibility we need to procure freight easily and efficiently. This lets us focus on making the right decision instead of wasting time in email and spreadsheets.
I’ve seen several systems that try to make freight procurement easy but none actually do. Portex actually makes it simple to procure and book freight, and I’m now using it every day.

Freight procurement shouldn’t be hard. Make it easy.

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