How an Industrial Machinery Co. saved 11 hours weekly on domestic & international shipments
Emails and phone calls were quickly replaced with an easily
accessible, centralized place to request quotes

Improvements they saw

11.5 hrs/wk
They went from 12
hours to just 45 minutes
per week
$434K + savings
$434,370 in savings over
the first 9 months of
using Portex
Business strategy
better feedback loops with
brokers/carriers has driven more
efficiency and deeper relations
"Before using Portex I did everything manually—messaging brokers directly via email or phone. It used to take 12 hours, but now I only spend 45 minutes. Portex takes the work out of my hands, and lets technology do the work for me."
JOHN Davis
Logistics Coordinator
Industrial Machinery & Equipment
30+ FTL and 30+ FCL/Air Monthly
11 hours 15 minutes / week
$2-3M / year
Cost Savings
$434,370 over 9 months
About Company
Industrial Machinery Company manufactures overhead cranes and ergonomic solutions for plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. John Davis (pseudonym), the Logistics Coordinator, schedules 30+ FTL shipments and 30+ FCL/Air shipments per month.
The Challenge
Before Portex, John’s painstaking quoting process meant dealing with brokers via email and phone to provide dates, required equipment, etc. Booking 6 shipments would take about 12 hours of work a week. John was also determined to bring on more brokers since their single broker wasn’t providing competitive pricing. Given the fluctuations in the freight market and need to drive larger margins, one of their major goals for 2024 is reducing the overall transportation budget, but they needed help getting on track to that goal.
The Solution & Impact
Portex is a game changer for John, whose time to book 6 domestic and international shipments went from 12 hours to just 45 minutes, saving him 11 hours and 30 minutes per week. Emails and phone calls were quickly replaced with an easily accessible, centralized place for everything he needs to request quotes, choose competitive pricing and communicate with brokers directly.
“What Portex is doing is extremely helpful for price transparency for myself and all the decision-makers. We’ve seen an estimated $434,370 in savings over the first 9 months.”
In order to achieve their cost reduction goals, John has taken advantage of how simple it is to include more brokers in a quote request. Going from 1 to 17 brokers has increased the competition and led to an estimated $434,370 in savings over the first 9 months of using Portex.
“Our brokers love Portex as well! They always comment on how easy it is to use. They were hesitant at first but after replying to our first quote request, they were bought in because of the simplicity.”
With Portex Reports, John can easily see the total transportation spend and allocation across different lanes and brokers. This data allowed him to weed out the poorest performing carriers to make sure they only do business with those providing competitive pricing and quality service.

John is able to spend more time being a strategic partner to the business, and has recently dedicated his time to rebuilding the company’s ERP system to serve their transportation needs.
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